Human Right

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Islamic regime has systematically violated human rights in the country and has been repeatedly condemned by four human rights organizations. The most important aspects of human rights violations in Iran can be summarized as follows (Due to the importance of women's rights and ethnic and religious minorities, a special group is assigned to each of the issues. Refer to the relevant pages):

Children's rights:

Non-compliance with the World Convention on the Rights of the Child
Working Children
Children as victims of addiction
Prisoner children
The right to education for children in deprived, remote and inaccessible areas


People arrested for political reasons or on charges of ordinary crimes are at serious risk of torture.


Immortal execution of criminals, political prisoners and children in the Islamic regime. Iran has the highest execution rate in the world after China.

Political and ideological prisoners:

Freedom of speech and opinion in the Islamic regime is associated with imprisonment and punishment. In the new system, political and ideological prisoners should be released and there should be freedom of speech and opinion.

LGBT rights:

LGBT rights to legal and social security and non-discrimination in the workplace are severely violated in the current system and society.

Rights of Foreign Immigrants and Refugees in Iran:

The situation of immigrants, especially Afghans, including the right to work and the right to education for their children and a fair marriage, is not clear.

Privacy of citizens:

There are clear and numerous violations of the privacy of citizens by the regime.

Citizenship rights:

Lack of recognition of dual citizenship in the current system that needs to change.
Citizenship of people who marry an Iranian or the children of these marriages is not currently considered Iranian and must be reviewed.

Freedom of expression and freedom of protest, including street protests:

The freedoms set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which have been severely violated by the Islamic regime.

Freedom of activity of party and trade unions and non-governmental organizations:

Lack of freedom of formation and activity of independent trade unions, human rights activists, human rights
lawyers, women's rights activists, religious and ethnic minority rights activists, etc.
Lack of freedom of formation and activity of political parties in the current system.

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