Establishment of a new democratic system

  • Proposals for a draft constitution

  • Review of civil laws, family and marriage, Criminal, financial laws

  • Transfer management course study

  • Study of establishment management period

  • Economic development issues

  • Cultural and social development issues

  • Political development issues

  • Investigating the administration of justice in the case of regime criminals

  • The issue of managing the fight Against  corruption in the new system

Our ultimate goal is to establish a secular democratic system in Iran. It is obvious that the establishment of a secular system is an important and necessary step that we Iranians need to build a free and prosperous Iran, although it is not enough and in a long-term plan, we must move towards building an ideal Iran. However, the basic structures, which are the constitution and the building of the new system, must be thoroughly studied and carefully to allow the possibility of comprehensive development of the country over time. By strategically studying the main issues and problems of society and government, as will be
examined in the group of strategic studies of Iran-e-Novin, we want to obtain and propose solutions to solve these problems in the future system.

For example, in the case of secularism, as we know, most of the problems of the current system are due to the religious nature of the government. In a new secular system, how do we separate religion from politics? First of all, this principle must be specified and applied in the constitution and civil and criminal laws and other laws. This in itself requires the necessary studies and research to be done in the pre-transition period, and this is what Iran-e-Novin will study in the section on strategic studies on the presentation of solutions for the establishment of a new system. On the other hand, it is necessary to include the principles of secularism in the laws, but it is not enough. In other words, it must have an executive guarantor and be implemented in its implementation. To provide a mechanism for maintaining and enforcing secularism as enshrined in law. And that in itself is a topic for study. On the other hand, we need a secular society to ensure the survival of a secular government. Founded by Ataturk, the Turkish secularism (or secularism) supported the Turkish army. This legal secularism, and from above without the support of the people, led the Turkish society to the current situation in which the society and the ruling system have a great tendency towards becoming a religious system. Therefore, we must have a long-term plan to establish social secularism, given the realities of Iran. This will be part of our study in Modern-Iran.

Our goal in strategic studies (which can be done jointly with political and social groups and independent experts) is to better understand the issues ahead, prepare for the future, and ultimately help ensure the success of the people's liberation movement and the new democratic system. In addition to strategic studies, the Modern-Iran Organization will practically participate in the transition, transfer and establishment of the new system, and if we consider its activity necessary and useful in the long run and in the new system and in the political field of Iran, The happiness of the Iranian people will continue.

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