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Changing the regime and establishing a democratic system in the future of Iran is the long-term goal and aspiration of the Iranian people, but this change must be very smart so that, firstly, the cost of transition from the regime should be minimum as possible. And the establishment of a new democratic system has been done properly in order to achieve the desired goals, which is a free and prosperous Iran. In this regard, Modern Iran has been formed to act as a part of the Iranian people's movement for freedom and the establishment of a new democratic system in Iran. This political organization is formed by educated and specialized youth who are independent of well-known political groups to expertly examine Iran's issues and provide the necessary solutions for the transition from the current regime to the establishment of a new system. As a group that believes in a kind of technocrats, we have a pragmatic and expert view of issues, and along with the establishment of freedom and democracy in Iran, we have a strong view of Iran's economic reconstruction in the form of sustainable development. It should be noted that there is no connection and affiliation between our organization and Modern Iran political party which has been active and ended its activities before the 1979 Revolution in Iran.

Modern Iran Chart

1- We are the men and women of Iran who depend on the freedom and prosperity of our homeland.

2. We believe in the overthrow of the Islamic regime in Iran through unarmed struggle and in
cooperation with other political groups opposed to the regime, as well as the administration of justice for the regime's criminals.

3- The goal of establishing a democratic system in Iran is integrated, which has no role in the political system of that religion, although all religions and schools of thought are within the framework of free law.

4. We believe in a kind of positive nationalism in which the goal is to restore the dignity and well-being of the Iranian people without violating their rights or seeking superiority over other ethnic groups.

5. In the new system, we will place special emphasis on the meritocracy and prioritize the country's economic reconstruction on the basis of modern economic programs and through
optimal use of natural and human resources, the country's geopolitical position and attracting foreign capital.

6. We believe in non-religious, ethnic and gender discrimination.

7. We believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

8. We believe that the transition from the Islamic system to the establishment of a democratic system is necessary but insufficient. In order to establish a democratic system, we must enter the age of enlightenment, refine our religious and cultural perspective, and become a modern society.

9. We believe that a happy society is one in which people are happy, so society must be run in such a way that it brings maximum happiness to its people.

Please send us all your inquires and comments to our email address:        info@moderniran.org

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